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DACC IRP Volume #20 - Wellsite Design Spacing Recommendations

September 29, 2015

IRP 20 was originally designed to offer guidance on requirements related to wellsite size and spacing. Since version 1 was written in 2007, the widespread adoption of long horizontal wells, multi-stage hydraulic fracturing, and multi-well pads have transformed the demand on lease sites. On the one hand, the overall footprint on land use is down. On the other, individual sites may demand increasing space to meet existing and new health, safety, and various environmental requirements. At the same time, environmental regulation has continued to put pressure on minimizing lease sizes. In Alberta, many companies now file a non-standard application under the Enhanced Approval Process (EAP) on a site by site basis to arrive at the necessary lease sizes.

IRP 20 (2015) is designed to clarify the criteria that should influence size design. This IRP promotes robust and integrated up-front planning to ensure a successful application that provides for the entire lifecycle of the well, from initial construction and drilling, through completions and production. Users should find the new process flows and various examples valuable in their own site planning processes.

Developer: DACC
Sponsor Organization: CAPP
Current Status: Sanctioned November 2015


Any comments on IRP 20 may be directed to safety@enform.ca.

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