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DACC IRP Volume #07 - Competencies for Critical Roles in Drilling and Completions

May 6, 2019

IRP 7: Minimum Standards for Wellsite Supervision was last reviewed in 2008 and focused on safety through training and certification requirements of the wellsite supervisor. The IRP was opened for a full review in 2017 to expand and align the document with industry expectations for competence, Energy Safety Canada's Competency Management Systems Guideline,  and the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) Critical Roles and Competency Guide. It was recognized that critical roles also include personnel involved in the planning of an operation and are not limited to those on site. In addition, wellsite and service supervisors in critical roles require specific competencies.

To determine competencies, the revised and renamed IRP 7: Competencies for Critical Roles in Drilling and Completion Operations provides a process for employers when developing or revising an organization’s competency management system to prevent critical outcomes at the wellsite. The process outlines the minimum requirements and can be used within an existing competency management system. Specific training and certification requirements are not identified in the IRP as these alone do not equate to competency. The IRP includes examples and suggestions to help identify how competency can be measured, and provides information about training and experience.

The IRP committee has provided an example Competency Matrix (IRP7 Competency Matrix 2019-04-16.xlsx) to help evaluate a company's Competency Management System and personnel in critical roles such as:

  • Drilling and Completions Wellsite Supervisor
  • Fracture Supervisor
  • Rig Manager
  • Planners and Engineers
IRP 7 Competency Matrix 2019-04-16.xlsx

Developer: DACC
Sponsor Organization: CAPP
Current Status: Sanctioned April 2019


To provide any feedback or comments on the current IRP 7 document, email Safety@EnergySafetyCanada.com.  You will receive an email confirmation from Energy Safety Canada.

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