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Middle-Aged Workers

June 15, 2017

Who are Middle-Aged Workers? 

Though not specifically defined by OH&S,  a "middle-aged worker" as any worker between 25-54 years of age with the median at 35-44 years. Typically these workers have multiple years of work and have experienced many challenges and hazards within the Oil & Gas Industry. Middle-aged workers incur 'overexertion' and 'struck by object' injuries at high proportions.

Why are Middle Aged Workers at Risk? 

Typical reasons why middle aged workers are injured include: 

  • Complacency  
  • Tolerance for low frequency high potential risks 
  • Loss of situational awareness 
  • Decrease in physical capacity 
  • Overexertion 
  • Perceived pressure to perform 
  • Increased life pressures (family, mortgage, etc.) 
  • Focused on non-work pressures (family issues, elderly parents) 

What can be Done to Address these Risks? 

  • Competency Assessments 
  • Hazard Analysis & Planning 
  • Mentoring junior employees 
  • Stretching & Warm Up To Work 
  • Supervisor & Leadership Training 
  • Involved with implementing workplace improvements 
  • Participate in Company initiatives, including proactive reporting 


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