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Young Workers

June 15, 2017

Who are Young Workers? 

The Occupational Health and Safety Regulation defines a "young worker" as any worker under age 25. A "new worker" can be any age and includes those who are new to the workplace or location, or facing new hazards. Young workers make up a significant part of industry growth and are twice as likely to be hurt, often by being struck by an object during increases in industry activity.  

Why are Young Workers At Risk?  

Typical reasons why young and new workers are injured include: 

  • Inexperience 
  • Lack of training, orientation, and supervision 
  • Lack of understanding of their workplace 
  • Lack of preparation for the workplace 
  • Exposure to more dangerous jobs
  • Hesitancy to ask questions
  • Pressure to perform

What Can be Done to Address these Risks? 

  • New worker Orientation 
  • Job and site specific training 
  • Participation in hazard identification and risk management 
  • Coaching and Mentoring 
  • Learn how to Stop the Job 
  • Competency Assessments 
  • Pre job planning 
  • Stretching & Warm Up To Work  
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