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PSC 2017

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Thanks for making our event such an incredible success!

This year, the 66th annual Petroleum Safety Conference examined lessons our industry and community learned from both the fire and economic downturn. Lessons focused on emergency response, crisis communication, safety culture transformation, mental well-being and resiliency. The Conference brought together more than 750 delegates, sponsors, exhibitors and volunteers. Presentations that we have permission to share are listed in alphabetical order below. To download a copy of the 2017 PSC Session Summaries click here.

Lessons From the Fire | Allen, DarbyStandard of Care - The Challenge | Aune, GrantEffective Information Gathering and Credibility Assessment - Using Scientific Best Practices in Your Accident Investigations | MacDonald, Dr. SarahThe Energized Approach for Creating a Safe, Healthy and Productive Workplace During Challenging Financial Times | Melnik, MichaelFrom Knowing to Doing: Getting the Most From Your Safety Training Efforts | Melnik, MichaelCorporate Crisis Leadership & The Decision Making Process | Solecki, GregSafety Culture Transformation through Frontline Influencer Engagement | Wilson, WendyMindfulness-Based Safety: Increasing Attention to Task in Alberta's Oil and Gas Operations | Wolfe, Darrah

FireSmart for the Oil and Gas Industry: Protecting your People, Assets and Reducing Liability in the Wildland Industrial Interface | Wollis, Connor

Regulators Forum | AB UpdateRegulators Forum | BC UpdateUp in Smoke! Marijuana in the Workplace | Secondiak, Ed

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