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The more engaged you are with the COR auditing process, the more valuable the COR audit will be in improving your health and safety performance. A standard audit will include:

  • A review of the Energy Safety Canada Safety Audits and Certifications Outline of Roles and Responsibilities by both the auditor and company prior to starting the audit
  • An on-site pre-audit orientation meeting with the auditor
  • A review of key documents in your health and safety management system as well as a sampling of your records from the past year
  • One-on-one interviews (approximately 35-45 minutes long) that include a sampling of all levels of management, supervisors, and workers.
    • The audit standards will determine the number of interviews required. For example,
      • 5 employees = a minimum of 4 interviews
      • 50 employees = a minimum of 19 interviews
      • 500 employees = a minimum of 60 interviews
  • Site visits to confirm the findings in the documentation review and interview phase of the audit
    • The audit standards will determine the number of site visits required. For example,
      • 2 worksites = all sites will be visited
      • 5 worksites = 3 sites will be visited
      • 9-30 worksites= 33% of the sites will be visited
  • An on-site post-audit meeting with the auditor
  • A final written report that includes strengths and recommendations to help you improve your health and safety management system after the audit passes a quality assurance review by Energy Safety Canada

Energy Safety Canada COR Audit standards have specified timeline requirements. For companies that would like a COR by a particular date, audit timelines and submission dates should be negotiated with the auditor in advance.

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