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Maintaining a COR

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The COR is valid for three years from the date of issue, providing that all maintenance requirements are met. The date the audit is completed on-site is used as the COR issue date. 

For maintenance requirements for SECOR audits, click here.

What determines when COR maintenance audits are due?

  • An employer must complete annual COR maintenance requirements in order to maintain the validity of their certificate.
  • The 1st year maintenance audit is due within the first 12 months after the COR issue date (or anniversary date).
  • The 2nd year maintenance audit is due within 24 months after the COR issue date (or anniversary date).


COR Maintenance audits are subject to the same Quality Assurance (QA) Review as Certification/Recertification COR audits. The passing mark for maintenance audits is 60% overall.

To renew a COR, an employer will arrange for an external auditor to perform a recertification audit and have it completed and reviewed by Energy Safety Canada prior to the expiration date of the COR. The passing mark is 80% overall and at least 50% in each element.

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