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Approved Professional Designation

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New requirements for External Energy Safety Canada Certified Auditors that were approved in 2006 are in effect as of June 2010. All external auditors are required to meet the following prerequisites before being able to pursue certification through Energy Safety Canada:

plus five of the past 10 years practicing health and safety.

Energy Safety Canada evaluates certifications and training for equivalency whenever they are proposed as part of the application process.

The Certified Safety Professional (CSP) designation has been evaluated and is recognized to be equivalent to the CRSP designation in terms of external auditor prerequisites.

Energy Safety Canada will accept the Certified Health & Safety Management System Auditor (CHSMSA) designation, as meeting the requirements for the External Energy Safety Canada Certified Auditor provided the following are met:

  • Hold a valid CHSMSA designation with at least a two-year diploma/degree from an accredited college/university, or
  • Hold a valid CHSMSA designation and demonstrate practising health and safety for seven of the past 10 years.

plus five of the past 10 years practising health and safety.

Please contact a member of the COR team at 1 800 667 5557 option 3, or via email at CORInfo@EnergySafetyCanada.com if you have any questions.

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