In the oil and gas industry, much of the work we do takes place in remote locations. And whenever you head out into the wilderness, that brings some very special safety challenges – like extreme weather, working alone, and of course, wildlife.

If you’ll be in a remote location, are you ready to take on Mother Nature’s beasts? Take our fun quiz to find out how much you know about wildlife awareness:

How did you do? Check your score to see if you’re ready for an animal encounter:

99 – 100% – You’re ready for the wilderness! You understand the dangers, and appreciate how important it is to go prepared.

70 – 99% – You’re almost ready to start work in a remote location, but not quite! Before you go, you should make sure you have all the facts about the wildlife you could encounter and how to respond.

0 – 70% – Better stay home for now! It looks like you’ve got a lot to learn about wildlife awareness and safety.

Remember – if you’ll be in a remote location, you should always be prepared for surprises. You can read about the experience of two people who had a run-in with a predatory bear, in this blog post: Safety survivors, part 1: narrowly escaping a bear

To learn more about wildlife awareness training, check out our bear awareness and wildlife awareness (including bear awareness) courses.