In the oil and gas industry we talk a lot about the importance of ‘getting everyone home safely at the end of the day’, but what does that really mean?

Safety as a priority

Sure, it starts with legislation, training, industry best practices and certification, which is all designed to help keep people safe. But, in the end, it boils down to the fact that we all have families and we live in communities where our friends and neighbours work in the industry.

Safety impacts us all.

“Oil and gas is not the scary industry people think it is,” said Ross Pickering, senior vice president of operations at Precision Drilling. “We take as much care and attention to safety as any industry and our performance has come leaps and bounds in the last 10 years.”

Would you put your family out in the field?

Earlier in his career, Ross worked on the rigs as a floorman and worked his way up. So he understands the challenges and what goes on in the field. “I’d let my son go to work on the rigs – and he has,” said Ross. “If you thought this industry was scary, then you wouldn’t put your children out there, but it happens all the time.”

So, where does Enform fit in?

One of our first priorities is to provide the resources and programs companies need to train their employees and keep everyone safe. As the safety association for the entire upstream oil and gas industry, we’re able to promote a consistency between sectors, which benefits everyone. “Enform reflects the collective thoughts and concerns of the industry,” said Ross, “and that rolls into training courses.”

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Why oil and gas is the safety industry