What makes a good wellsite supervisor? Every day they’re responsible for the efficiency of wellsite operations, the safety of workers and the public, and environmental protection. They must also be relied on to handle the unexpected and deal with emergencies.

Skill-building for wellsite supervisors

Experience and training go hand in hand when it comes to creating the necessary skillset for more effective supervisors. But how can you equip your crew leaders for the unexpected, or emergencies? After all, in a crisis your workers are almost certainly dealing with situations they’ve never seen before. That’s where experiential, hands-on training comes in. The benefits include:

  • Repetition. Repeated practice helps build confidence and ensures that your supervisors are competetent in every aspect of their job.
  • Emergency preparedness. Hands-on training allows workers to practice for unusual situations, so that they are prepared to act quickly and decisively even in the face of the unexpected.
  • A controlled environment. Practice in a simulator allows workers to learn skills in a risk-free environment.

That’s why Enform invested in 30 Well Control VI training systems for our Nisku and Calgary training facilities. The systems use “virtual instructor” technology and are designed specifically for continued training for experienced wellsite supervisors. Each simulation is loaded with up to 120 interactive and simulated lessons providing an opportunity for workers to perfect their well control skills in a stress-free, safe environment.

students working at Enform's virtual well control simulator

During the five-day Second Line Supervisor’s Well Control Course, workers spend four days in the classroom, using the simulations with a highly qualified, field-experienced instructor. On the fifth day they take a written examination as well as a live test well examination. They will also have the opportunity to see the result of kick flaring in the distance, from the test well classroom in the flare pit/stack.

The wellsite supervisor’s courses are just some of the hands-on, experiential training programs available at Enform’s Nisku facility. To learn more, check out this previous blog post: Hands on safety training is as real as it gets.

  • Douglas Tompson

    Will the Well Control VI simulators be used for the Second Line BOP Supervisor Course instead of the live well in Nisku? If so, can we take the entire 5 day course in Calgary instead of making a trip to Nisku for the exams? Thanks!

    • http://www.enform.ca/ Enform Safety

      Hi Douglas,
      The course must still be taken in Nisku.
      – The Laptop well control simulations referenced in the post are simple focussed scenarios where a virtual instructor walks a student through what to expect at specific points in circulating kicks out and killing a well. This is where a student gets the opportunity to receive repetition in areas he/she may be weak on any particular concept or process, this is intended to better prepare a student to be successful at the live test well and complete the program with a better understanding of multiphase downhole dynamics.
      – The LIVE test well control simulator is a true to life experience whereby a student (playing the role of supervisor) is in control and makes the decisions and provides direction to his/her fellow students (playing the roles of Driller, Choke Operator and Recorder) on how to effectively circulate the Gas injection kick out of a real wellbore and record the data appropriately The students are being graded on their skills at doing so.
      I hope that is helpful, and I’m sorry if there was any confusion

      • Douglas Tompson

        Thanks for the explanation and the prompt reply.

        • http://www.enform.ca/ Enform Safety

          You’re very welcome, Douglas. Happy we could help!