Fire and Explosion safetyWhen you’re on a wellsite conducting pumping operations, the last word you want to hear is “Fire!” That’s why hazard management is such a huge priority
– and when you’re working with flammable fluids, minimizing the risks can mean the difference between life and death.

One of the best way to promote safety on your work site is to follow industry recommended practices. And one of the best ways we can help you is to provide comprehensive, up to date resources.

Updated version of IRP #8 – pumping of flammable fluids

For anyone who plans pumping operations, or who manages, supervises or works on a wellsite where flammable fluids are stored or pumped, our recently updated version of DACC IRP Volume #08 – Pumping of Flammable Fluids (2016) is an invaluable, free resource.

A new scalable, risk-based model makes selecting the appropriate fire protection more effective; whether you run a small operation with a single unit, or a major operation with multiple units working simultaneously and multiple storage tanks. It also includes a tool to factor in fluid characteristics, volume of flammable fluids and the number of exposed personnel.

A comprehensive fire safety plan

For operations involving pumping flammable fluids, having an effective fire safety plan is very important. Fire safety plans should consider the applicable stages of the operation. Some stages to consider in a fire safety plan, which are included in IRP #8 are:

  • Planning
  • Storage
  • Blending
  • Pumping
  • Handling flow back fluids
  • Fire protection
  • Rescue operations

The new version includes a sample fire safety plan for smaller operations.

Download your free copy of DACC IRP Volume #08 – Pumping of Flammable Fluids (2016).

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