It’s the festive season and all of us at Enform want to wish you a wonderful holiday!

Today we’re going to have a little fun with this Enform-themed crossword puzzle. In between the eggnog and presents, we invite you to simply print it out (here’s the PDF) and see how much you know about us. And here’s a hint – you’ll find all the answers on the Enform website or in other posts on this blog.

Enform crossword puzzle



5. Enform works with regulators as a ________.
7. Where is our ignitions training centre?
8. Where did the Regina office move to in June 2014?
10. This Advisory Group consults with the Board of Directors. (acronym)
13. The last name of our CEO.
15. This Enform member association represents Canada’s transmission pipeline companies. (acronym)
16. Fill in the second missing word. The theme of Safety Stand Down 2015 is: Safety is a _________ not a __________.
17. What month is the 2015 Petroleum Safety Conference?
18. Enform was formed ‘by _______ for _______. (same word)


1. Where is Enform’s BC office? (three words)
2. What is the last name of our Chairman of the Board of Directors?
3. The acronym for our certification program.
4. Enform’s primary concern.
6. Enform is the safety association for the ________ oil and gas industry. (fill in the blank)
9. Fill in the first missing word. The theme of Safety Stand Down 2015 is: Safety is a _______ not a _____.
11. Enform’s head office is in this city.
12. The number of oil and gas industry sectors Enform represents.
14. Where is Enform’s live operating, hands-on training facility?
15.  _____________ is the voice of business in the Canadian Seismic Industry. (acronym)


How did you do? Find out here: Enform crossword answers

Happy holidays!