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Why safety culture is important in preventing disasters

The safety of your workers depends on many factors including training, and the systems, protocols and technology you have in place to prevent incidents. But once you have those safeguards, how important is your organizational safety culture? Continue reading

3 ways Enform supports safety regulation in Canada 

This week we’re going to explore our relationship with WCB, and look at how we collaborate to support safety culture in Canada’s upstream oil and gas industry.

We spoke with Joy Piehl, of WorksafeBC to get her perspective on how they work with Enform to make sure workers get home safely every day. Continue reading

How to use leading indicators to build safety

When it comes to creating a strong safety culture throughout an organization, one of the most common questions we hear is:

“how do we move beyond the good intentions of managers and get frontline workers to internalize safety culture?”

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PetroLMI: support for a skilled, sustainable oil & gas workforce

If you’ve seen the name PetroLMI around recently, you may have been wondering about Enform’s latest division. Who are they and where did they spring from? Continue reading

Why now is a good time for safety training

What happens to safety training during an economic downturn, when oil companies are cutting operations and costs?

We spoke with Cameron MacGillivray, Enform’s president and CEO, to find out if there is any tendency for companies to cut training under these market conditions. Continue reading

Enform in B.C. – a visit to the Fort St. John office

In 2006 Enform opened its first office outside Alberta, in Fort St. John, B.C. Since that time, the office has been providing vital services to B.C., and even servicing clients as far away as Grande Prairie, in northwestern Alberta. To find out more about the office, we spoke with Rick Newlove, manager, B.C. operations.

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VIDEO: A look back at oil and gas safety in 2014

We sat down with our president and CEO, Cameron MacGillivray, and Paula Campkin, our VP, industry development and chief safety officer, and asked them to recap 2014 and offer their thoughts on what’s ahead for Enform, and safety in the oil and gas industry, in 2015.

Here’s what they had to say:

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