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Fatigue is the new ‘F’ word

The oil and gas industry is wide awake to the issue of workers being dog-tired

A number of studies show that being awake for 17 hours is actually the same as having a blood alcohol level of about .05—enough to stop drivers in their tracks. If you usually sleep eight hours a day, this is the same as staying up an hour later. Being awake for 21 hours straight is the same as .08, and workers who go 24 hours without sleep perform about as well as someone with a blood alcohol level of 0.1. Continue reading

Safety survivors (part 5): how driving while tired almost ended a young life 

This is the fifth post in our Safety survivors series, in which we hear from people who’ve survived serious injury, both on and off the job. This week we’ll see how a long day and a late night nearly cost a young man his life. Continue reading

4 common safety hazards, and how to make them safer

Here on this blog we pick a different safety topic each week and provide information on how that might relate to you and your organization. This week we’re shaking things up a little: here are four common hazards that we think are worth special attention: Continue reading

How to keep your workers safe on the road

Did you know that a traffic collision occurs every five minutes in Alberta?

According to ‘Driving for Work’, a publication by Work Safe Alberta, one person is killed and 65 injured every day, in Alberta, in a motor vehicle collision.

If you have employees on the road, that’s a figure you should be taking very seriously.  Continue reading

Safety matters (part 4): when small mistakes have huge consequences

This is part four in our Safety matters series, where we’ll be discussing a number of key safety issues in Canada’s oil and gas industry.

What causes major incidents such as oil spills or explosions? According to Andrew Hopkins, emeritus professor of sociology at Australian National University in Canberra, many major incidents happen not because of big mistakes, but because warning signs were dismissed. Continue reading

Safety matters (part 1): fighting fatigue to save lives

This is part one in our “Safety matters” series, where we’ll be discussing a number of key safety issues in Canada’s oil and gas industry.

You wouldn’t show up to work drunk, nor would you want your employees stopping at the bar on their way in. But did you know that working when you’re tired has much the same effect? Yes, fatigue can significantly compromise judgement and reaction times. That’s right, long shifts, late nights or poor sleep habits can leave you and your workers in no fit state to work anywhere. And when machinery or equipment is involved, that puts everyone at risk.

Continue reading