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4 common safety hazards, and how to make them safer

Here on this blog we pick a different safety topic each week and provide information on how that might relate to you and your organization. This week we’re shaking things up a little: here are four common hazards that we think are worth special attention: Continue reading

Why safety culture is important in preventing disasters

The safety of your workers depends on many factors including training, and the systems, protocols and technology you have in place to prevent incidents. But once you have those safeguards, how important is your organizational safety culture? Continue reading

Safety survivors (part 2): workplace incident changes a young life forever

In this Safety survivors series we’re hearing from people who’ve been seriously injured, both on and off the job. They’ve discovered, to their cost, how important it is to fully evaluate risks and take steps to mitigate them, and now they’re sharing their stories so others can learn from their experiences. Continue reading

Who does the thinking for your frontline workers?

One of the recurring themes we’ve seen on this blog is that risk factors are sometimes dismissed by frontline workers, with potentially catastrophic results. In previous posts we’ve examined several factors that contribute to this phenomenon, including a culture of denial, groupthink and the minimization of warning signs.

To find out more about why this happens, we spoke with Yvonne Thompson, of Change Innovators. Continue reading

Safety matters (part 3): why denial can be deadly

That’ll never happen here. Sound familiar? We’ve all thought it and we’ve all seen it – the blind belief that nothing bad will happen. This common state is sometimes called a culture of denial.

To learn more about this phenomenon and how it applies to workplace safety, we spoke with Andrew Hopkins, emeritus professor of sociology at Australian National University in Canberra, and an independent oil and energy professional.

Continue reading