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6 tips for saving on your COR auditing costs

The COR program is a common contractor requirement for many service companies in the oil and gas industry, and a way to demonstrate your commitment to safety. The program offers many benefits to your business. Continue reading

Face to face: get to know Enform’s Paula Campkin

From time to time on this blog we like to introduce some of the faces behind the organization; in a previous post we met Cameron MacGillivray, Enform’s president and CEO. This week, we spoke with Paula Campkin, vice-president of industry development and chief safety officer. Continue reading

Advice for small business: how to prepare your SECOR submission

If you supply services to the oil and gas industry you know that a COR is a common contractor requirement. But did you know that if your company has fewer than 11 employees you qualify for the Small Employer Certificate of Recognition, or SECOR? Continue reading

Safety in today’s oil climate: 3 ways Enform can help

The drop in oil prices has affected all of us, and if you’ve been forced to temporarily cut back on your operations as a result, you’re in good company.

We know this can make it difficult if you need to complete your COR certification or maintenance audit, but we have some options to help you through the process:

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Enform in B.C. – a visit to the Fort St. John office

In 2006 Enform opened its first office outside Alberta, in Fort St. John, B.C. Since that time, the office has been providing vital services to B.C., and even servicing clients as far away as Grande Prairie, in northwestern Alberta. To find out more about the office, we spoke with Rick Newlove, manager, B.C. operations.

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How Enform can help you avoid workplace incidents

No one forgets the first time someone is seriously injured on the job. Most accidents are avoidable, and everyone involved will spend a lifetime wondering what they should have done differently.

Whether you’re a huge corporation with a complex network of safety programs, or a small company with a modest budget for in-house safety staff, you’re still invested in making sure everyone gets home safely at the end of the day. And you could probably use a little help.

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