On most worksites in our industry, huge trucks and heavy equipment are a constant presence. We rely on the drivers to use their driving skill and good judgement to keep everyone safe – but what about when the drivers are relying on others for guidance? ‘Left a little, right a little’ might not cut it when people and property are close by.

If you’re called on to direct a vehicle, will you be using the correct hand signals, or waving the driver in with a wing and a prayer?

Check the infographic below to see how many of these signals you know:

Driver Hand Signals

How did you do? Remember – knowing the correct hand signals to give a driver could save a great deal of confusion, and even prevent an accident. And if you’re the one doing the driving, check out these interesting stats to help you arrive safely.

For more information on keeping your workers safe on the road be sure to download our free journey management program, and check out this blog post: How to keep your workers safe on the road.

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    Too much productive article. Infographic is awesome. This article inspired us lot to make another advanced form of it and to share it in our HSE community at Oges.