This is part one in our “Safety matters” series, where we’ll be discussing a number of key safety issues in Canada’s oil and gas industry.

You wouldn’t show up to work drunk, nor would you want your employees stopping at the bar on their way in. But did you know that working when you’re tired has much the same effect? Yes, fatigue can significantly compromise judgement and reaction times. That’s right, long shifts, late nights or poor sleep habits can leave you and your workers in no fit state to work anywhere. And when machinery or equipment is involved, that puts everyone at risk.

“Fatigue management should be a priority in any industry that works 24/7 or that works long hours,” said Pat Byrne, founder and president of Fatigue Science. “Larger, more dramatic accidents tend to get more attention, but fatigue is a factor in many vehicle crashes or industrial accidents,” he continued.

Watch this video to hear more about what Pat has to say about fatigue:

Is there a solution?

We get it. Between busy lives and long shifts it seems like everyone’s always tired. Acknowledging the problem is the first step, but here at Enform, we think fatigue management should be a standard part of any health and safety program. Check the Safety Resources page of our website for more information on effective fatigue management.

Safety matters…

Fatigue is just one of the hot button safety issues we want to highlight. Coming up in part two of our Safety matters series, we’ll be weighing in on the importance of making sure new workers have the training that will enable them to get home safely at the end of every day. And while you’re here, find out why Enform is your ‘go-to’ safety resource. You’ll see that we’re about much more than simply training.