On April 29th, senior leaders from the oil and gas industry attended the 5th annual Executive Summit on Safety. The event, hosted by Enform, provides a collaborative forum for executives to engage in meaningful discussion on the safety issues facing the industry.

The theme for this year’s Summit was safety culture, and the guest speaker was Peter Watson, chairman and CEO of the National Energy Board.

Cameron McGillivray, Enform CEO

The Summit was opened by Cameron MacGillivray, Enform’s president and CEO.

He welcomed the audience with opening remarks, and spoke in particular about safety culture and its significance to every company, large or small, and to our industry as a whole.


“Safety culture involves our values, our beliefs, our norms, practices, standards and training. It’s about things we can do and things that we can measure.”

He then went on to explain executives have a key role in forming organizational safety culture because, like any culture, it is top down. Employees in any organization look to the people at the top to see the direction and the seriousness of their intent regarding health and safety practices.

Safety culture is an industry wide concern 

Peter Watson told the audience he has been travelling across Canada meeting with stakeholders and discussing their thoughts and concerns, specifically with regard to pipelines. He discovered, very consistently, that the primary concern of those with whom he spoke is safety.

“Canadians want to know that we care about public safety and environmental protection,” he said. He explained how the NEB embraces the growing public need to learn more about safety practices in the industry and how those practices are put into action.

“We have to continue to make sure our commitment to our values and our commitment to safety and operational excellence are explicit and observable,” said Peter.

An executive committee on safety culture

Finally, Cameron announced that he will be reaching out to leaders across all sectors and engaging key regulatory agencies to establish an executive committee to continue to advance the vision of safety culture for our industry. The committee will ultimately equip companies with best in class tools and resources to help industry members operationalize safety culture within their own organizations.

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