If you’ve seen the name PetroLMI around recently, you may have been wondering about Enform’s latest division. Who are they and where did they spring from?

As you may know, in 2013, Enform acquired the Petroleum Human Resources Council (PHRC). It was a logical move, allowing for the integration of safety and training with workforce planning. Petroleum Labour Market Information, or PetroLMI, is the new face of what was PHRC.


PetroLMI Logo Final

Helping you build a stronger, safer workforce

PetroLMI’s mandate is to:

‘collaborate with industry, government, educators and training agencies to support and advance the development of a sustainable, skilled and productive workforce in the upstream and midstream oil and gas sector’.

That means they’ll be providing the kind of in-depth labour market information (LMI) you need for more effective workforce and career planning. You can find their latest Labour Market Information Report here.

According to PetroLMI director, Carol Howes, “PetroLMI will also provide valuable workforce planning tools to the oil and gas industry. As an example, we are currently in the process of updating the profiles of current occupations, and developing profiles for new ones, in response to the changes and technological advancements in our industry.”

Here are some of the resources you will find:

Here at Enform, we will also be using PetroLMI’s data and insights to help us produce the best resources and safety training programs. After all, our shared goal is to get everyone home safe at the end of the day.

Check out the division’s new look at careersinoilandgas.com.

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