A Cooperative Approach to Training

A Key Role

Oil and gas production operators play a key role in the industry. Required to be equally comfortable analyzing problems or working with a wrench, operators need the ability to combine in-depth knowledge and hands-on skills.

Such demands pose significant challenges for the training of operators. The safety-critical training must be to the highest standards, and include up-to-date technology and realistic experiences. 

Joining Forces

To meet those challenges, NAIT and Energy Safety Canada have joined forces to offer an operator program which delivers both the solid knowledge base and real-world experience needed for the job. NAIT’s online education will be reinforced with hands-on training at Energy Safety Canada’s facility in Nisku.

Students will have a chance to see, hear and touch working equipment in a realistic setting. Taking content off the screen and into the real world brings training to a new standard of realism and relevance for students and industry.

Designed in a typical career progression sequence, the program has four levels and the practical component begins from the very start. In Level I, students will learn the basics online and enhance that training at Nisku, where they will visit and see first-hand what oil and gas plants look and feel like. Levels II, III and IV will offer progressively more complex opportunities to do the tasks operators complete in the field, giving them the necessary skills to transition to the job site.*

Energy Safety Canada - Nisku Training Facility

NAIT Oil and Gas Production Operator Program

AS REAL AS IT GETS: Students are immersed in a hands-on operating environment at Energy Safety Canada’s training facility in Nisku, AB. The updated Oil and Gas Production Operator (OGPO) program delivers the knowledge and skills needed by students and industry.

Fast Facts

  • Visit Nait.ca/OGPO to register for Oil and Gas Production Operator Level I, the first course of the revised program, being offered in September 2018
  • The OGPO program had extensive input from operators in the field — the courses are produced by operators for operators
  • The program is designed to train both “green” and experienced workers to become technically knowledgeable individuals for careers in production and operations

*It is important to note that this does not take the place of site-specific training; operators who complete OGPO courses and labs will still require on-site training for the specific elements of each job.