Previously on this blog you’ve heard us talk about the importance of process safety. As a member of Canada’s upstream oil and gas industry you undoubtedly understand that major incidents such as fires, explosions or spills are at the forefront of industry social licence concerns.

Process safety was developed in the context of complex chemical plants and refineries. The challenge is how do we move process safety upstream from the refinery? We still need to manage fires, explosions, and spills – but the operations are less complex. For process safety to work in this space it must be practical, manageable and relevant.

In order to develop a process safety initiative that would fulfill those criteria of practicality, manageability and relevance, Enform conducted extensive national and international research on process safety best practice and engaged Peter Wilkinson.

Enform Process Safety BriefingPeter is an internationally recognized expert in process safety, and has consulted with governments and major multi-national corporations across four different continents. He has been involved in investigating some of the most significant process safety incidents over the last 20 years, and he created the legislation for Australia’s offshore industry.

Peter offered Enform and the upstream industry a strategic starting point for process safety that can be scaled to any operation. The goal is to help you create a framework that will effectively and quickly address your most critical risks, adding value to your organization by using your existing operational knowledge and processes.

Your company, like others in the industry, has done a reasonable job in preventing major incidents. Our strategy is to tap into the existing expertise of companies in our industry. You already have systems and strategies in place which would fall under the domain of ‘process safety’, although you may not be using that phrase. Our goal was to achieve clarity, control and accountability over the things we already know we should be doing.

The culmination of over a year of process safety consultation

The long process of consultation and discussion is nearing its end, and we’re now starting to produce a series of process safety tools for our entire industry, including:

  • Strategies for building a program which is practical, lean, properly scoped and applicable to your own operation.
  • Simple how-to guides to enable you to customize a program to your individual operation.
  • Online process safety awareness training that companies can use to jumpstart their process safety programs.

These will be produced alongside continued consultation with representatives from our various industry sectors. Stay tuned for news as these tools become available.

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