There are many reasons why you want your organization to have a good safety culture. Practical ones include the legal ramifications and cost of incidents; and the fact that profitability and performance are higher in an incident-free workplace. More intrinsic reasons include the emotional and psychological effects on everyone involved when someone is injured.

In the following video, Cameron MacGillivray, Enform’s president and CEO, explains the role that company leaders and managers play in creating a good safety culture within their organizations:

How to create a good safety culture in your organization

The Safety Management Systems that Cameron discusses must inevitably come from the top of your organization.

Enform provides a number of tools and resources to help you create them, including:

  • Executive Safety Leadership – an online guide to operationalizing safety culture.
  • The Executive Summit on Safety – an annual forum for leaders to engage in meaningful discussion on safety issues facing the industry. At this year’s recent summit, Peter Watson, chairman and CEO of the National Energy Board, spoke about safety culture; and Cameron MacGillivray announced that Enform will facilitate the formation of an executive committee that will advance the vision of safety culture for our industry.

You can find more information on training and resources here on the Enform website.

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