In previous blog posts we’ve discussed the importance of organizational safety culture in creating safe behaviours and attitudes, and a safer workplace. In fact, here at Enform, we believe that safety culture is a central pillar when it comes to safety across the entire industry.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the inauguration of an Executive Task Force on Safety Culture. It’s a committee designed specifically to develop a common vision and strategic approach to safety culture that works for the entire industry, based on a consensus between the needs of each individual sector.

The task force convenes

Executive Task Force on Safety Culture

Executive Task Force on Safety Culture Steering Committee Members:
Tim McMillan (President and CEO, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers), Cameron MacGillivray (President and CEO, Enform) and Jim Donihee (Chief Operating Officer, Canadian Energy Pipeline Association)

The inaugural meeting of the task force was held on September 25th. The 13 members include the task force chair, Cameron MacGillivray, Enform’s president and CEO, plus representatives from the six industry associations, and senior representatives from six companies in the pipeline, drilling services and oil and gas producing sector.

Through this forum, these industry leaders will collaborate, and share their experiences and expertise. Together they will develop a common strategy and plan practical initiatives to advance safety culture throughout the upstream oil and gas industry.

“A strong safety culture begins at the top,” said Cameron. “Executives play a critical role in ensuring that a positive safety culture is driven throughout an organization. Companies in our industry have been evolving their safety systems and their safety performance for decades, but this gives us an opportunity to create a broad, unified strategy on safety culture. This task force will also serve as the forum for communication and alignment between industry, regulators and other stakeholders.”

Translating strategy into practical tools

While the task force was being put together, a Technical Committee on Safety Culture has been working with industry members to understand the effectiveness of their current safety culture tools and provide a recommended approach for improvements.

The technical committee will take the strategies outlined by the task force and translate those into practical tools, resources and training programs designed for real-world applications.

Working toward a common goal

We all share a common goal: zero work-related incidents or injuries. This focus on organizational safety culture is a huge, industry-wide step toward the realization of that goal.

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