No one forgets the first time someone is seriously injured on the job. Most accidents are avoidable, and everyone involved will spend a lifetime wondering what they should have done differently.

Whether you’re a huge corporation with a complex network of safety programs, or a small company with a modest budget for in-house safety staff, you’re still invested in making sure everyone gets home safely at the end of the day. And you could probably use a little help.

You (and your people) are the reason for Enform Enform safety training

No, we’re not just some corporation selling safety programs. We’re an association, formed by all six sectors of Canada’s oil and gas industry to collaborate on making our industry safer. Every company, large or small, can benefit from the experience of everyone else in the industry through sharing knowledge and practices facilitated by Enform.

Our goal is simple: it’s about people. An effective health and safety program is good, financially and personally, for both the employees and the company – but it’s more than that.

“Ultimately the goal is to get everyone home safely at the end of the day,” said Matt Broughton, HSE coordinator at SAExploration.

We’ll help you keep your people alive

One of the reasons for this blog is that most people just don’t realize how much Enform does. Aside from training, we have a huge and growing variety of resources, guidelines and safety alerts as well as COR certifications. And they’re all available to every company, of every size, to help them keep their people safe.

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