Does your company want to supply services to the oil and gas industry? If so, you should know that a valid COR certificate is a common contractor requirement in the oil and gas industry.

What is the COR program?

Enform COR ProgramA COR, or Certificate of Recognition, provides proof that a company has implemented a health and safety management system that meets established provincial standards.

To find out more about the program, we spoke with Juliet Goodwin, manager, safety audits and certifications at Enform.

Enform is the certifying partner for the oil and gas industry in Canada,” said Juliet. “When a company requires their safety program to be certified, they hire an Enform external auditor to conduct an independent audit of their system. A COR is granted to the company provided that a passing score is achieved on the audit.”

“It’s a process of ongoing improvement,” she continued. “Following the audit, companies will receive recommendations for improvements in the form of a formal report from their auditor. When they audit for recertification in three years’ time, their progress towards those corrective actions will be taken into account. Maintenance audits are required during the two years between certification and recertification.”

Enform’s COR program has an established audit protocol that meets governing body standards in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. A COR certified company can use one audit that covers a representative sampling of all three provinces to apply for a certificate of recognition for each WCB account.

Why should your company apply for certification?

Certification is an indicator that your company is invested in workplace health and safety. But there are also some very tangible benefits:

  • A healthier, safer workforce!
  • Considerable WCB savings:
    – 25% lower WCB claims
    – Up to 15% reduction on WCB premiums
    – Provincial WCB rebates up to 20% in Alberta and 15% in B.C.

You can find more information on the COR program here, or download the brochure.

COR is just one of the ways Enform works with the oil and gas industry to promote health and safety. Check out this other post explaining how we’re the ‘go-to resource’ for workplace health and safety‘.