Did you know that our Nisku training facility features fully functional oil and gas operations for hands-on training?

Learning by experiencing

Classroom and on-line training has its place, but when it comes to operator courses, there’s nothing like getting your hands dirty and working with the equipment to learn what really goes on. We spoke with Doug Cavers, program manager to find out more about the Nisku training centre.

“With all the training available out there,” said Doug, “it seems as though production operations has been left behind. There’s lots of online training available, but this is the only formal, hands-on training. And we’re lucky to have a world class facility.”

hands-on safety training at Enform's Nisku location

The training centre is staffed by seasoned professionals with decades of oil and gas field experience. Students are trained on real-world equipment, including:

  • Oil production facility
  • Gas production facility
  • Drilling rig
  • Well control
  • Fall protection training area
  • Classrooms and labs

Scheduled classes are open to all students from experienced field workers looking to expand their expertise, to inexperienced students and workers who are thinking of joining the industry; some companies have even sent board members to provide them with a greater understanding of field operations. The facility can also be rented out for customized training.

The courses offered are:

“The training provides technical expertise, and of course proper training promotes safer work behaviours and habits,” explained Doug. “I like to drop in on every course to get feedback from the students,” he continued. “By getting feedback from the people who are out there in the field doing the work, I’m able to tweak the course and make adjustments that will make it more practical and applicable.”

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