In previous posts on this blog we got to know Cameron MacGillivray, Enform’s president and CEO, as well as Paula Campkin, vice-president of industry development and chief safety officer.

This week we’d like to introduce Jeff Rose, Enform’s senior vice-president of operations and chief operating officer. Jeff and his team are in charge of safety and training development and delivery.

Enform's Jeff Rose, senior vice-president of operations and COO

Jeff has a geophysics degree and a MBA, and since 1983 he’s been a career oilman. At PanCanadian and then Encana, he rose up through the ranks to senior vice-president, responsible for one of the firm’s major business units.

Throughout his career, Jeff has been committed to safety for all his people. “I had a lot of people reporting to me, and they were working in jobs where safety and managing risk were important considerations. So we were very careful about making sure they were well trained, well supervised, well prepared and well rested, so they could go home after their day at work.”

Jeff joined Enform three years ago after Cameron MacGillivray, knowing of Jeff’s commitment to safety, asked him to take on the key role in advancing safety, as chief operating officer.

We asked what drew Jeff to the world of oil and gas safety:

“No business is important enough for someone to get hurt for it”

“I’ve always worked in this industry and as a manager you measure yourself on a lot of different criteria: production growth, reserve bookings, capital efficiency, operating costs … and always safety. When you have people reporting to you, you’re responsible for them, and a good supervisor feels that responsibility. People shouldn’t get hurt while they’re working.”

“Working within an organization that provides training, toolkits, guidelines and advice on how to work more safely is really just approaching the same thing from a different angle,” he said.

Jeff’s business acumen has been a significant asset to us at Enform, particularly in the development of cost-efficient training programs. And with an expanding list of responsibilities including training development and delivery, guidelines and safety alerts, a new call centre, the registration and enrolment group, and more recently I.T., he’s staying very busy.