Each year, Enform hosts an executive summit where industry leaders gather to share ideas on advancing safety culture both in the industry as a whole, and at the organizational level.

Executive Summit

This year, the summit brought top oil and gas executives together with regulators to discuss how they can effectively move safety culture from concept to action.

regulators at Enform Executive Summit

Cameron MacGillivray, Enform’s president and CEO greets panel members

The regulators present were:

The room was packed with a sold out audience, which we believe is an encouraging indication of the emphasis our industry places on safety.

audience members at the Executive Summit

Audience members enjoy their meal

Safety training in an economic downturn

“Safety training must remain a priority so projects are shovel ready when the economy picks up again,” said Cameron MacGillivray, Enform’s president and CEO. “The role of our regulators in supporting safety performance is an important discussion. We’re pleased to see this level of commitment to safety.”

Clearly, that is a message that Canada’s oil and gas companies are already heeding. “There has been no increase in accidents or environmental incidents,” said Jim Ellis, president and CEO of the Alberta Energy Regulator. “Companies don’t seem to be cutting back on safety — even as they look for efficiencies.”

Jim Ellis

Jim Ellis, president and CEO of the Alberta Energy Regulator

Data from other provinces and Canada as a whole show the same story. It also shows that, even though there has been a decrease in insured workers due to the downturn, the decrease in injuries is proportionally greater. All good news for safety in our industry.

Regulating safety culture

The panel agreed that regulating safety culture is not necessarily practical, but emphasized that individual companies need to collaborate on the issue of safety, and continue making it a top organizational priority.

To learn more about creating a strong safety culture in your own organization, download our free Executive Safety Leadership Guide.