In 2006 Enform opened its first office outside Alberta, in Fort St. John, B.C. Since that time, the office has been providing vital services to B.C., and even servicing clients as far away as Grande Prairie, in northwestern Alberta. To find out more about the office, we spoke with Rick Newlove, manager, B.C. operations.

Q: Why was it important for Enform to have a B.C. office?

Rick Newlove

A: “As well as providing local training, we are a resource for information and legislation specific to B.C. We also work directly with WorkSafeBC and local industry to help them achieve improved safety performance.”

Q: What goes on at the Fort St. John office?

A: “The office is primarily a safety training resource centre. That means we provide a variety of services such as supplying printed materials and issuing replacement certificates. Much of the physical training is conducted off-site by third party providers, but here at the office we hold courses specifically for safety practitioners; courses such as safety program development, blow-out prevention, incident and accident investigation, and hazard management.”

Later this month the office is moving to a new location, although it’s not going very far. “We will still be in the Totem Mall in Fort St. John,” explained Rick, “but in a different space. It will be much more suitable for us, and now we can have signage facing onto a major intersection which will improve our visibility.”

Q: What are the plans for the office, moving forward?

A: “In the new space we’ll have a classroom with the same video conferencing capabilities, and three computer terminals, so we’ll continue to provide everything we have been. In addition we will be focusing more on outreach, and adding a consultation service for employers. We’ll be analyzing B.C. injury statistics and providing advice and guidance to individual companies to help them build their safety programs.”

Each of Enform’s five offices has its own unique function, allowing Enform to provide a more comprehensive service to industry. To learn more, read this blog post about how Enform is helping make oil and gas ‘the safety industry’.

In future posts we’ll pay a visit to Enform’s other offices, in Calgary, Nisku, Weyburn and Genesee.