Even in an economic downturn, our industry’s commitment to safety training and best practices never faltered. During the year, we offered more than 90 courses, with over 202,000 enrollments – numbers that are a testament to the safety culture of the oil and gas industry.

If you followed this blog during the year, you will know that safety culture and process safety are two of our main strategic priorities. That’s why many of our initiatives were focussed on those priorities, and on helping to make safety training and resources readily available for all. With that in mind, here are a few of 2015’s safety highlights:

Enform safety 2015

Plus … the top five blog posts of 2015

Those were the posts which had the most readers – which was your favourite post of the year?

We’re hard at work producing new initiatives and resources for 2016, and our focus on safety culture and process safety will continue. Stay tuned to this blog, and we’ll keep you posted.