The COR program is a common contractor requirement for many service companies in the oil and gas industry, and a way to demonstrate your commitment to safety. The program offers many benefits to your business.

Obtaining and maintaining your COR can be difficult in today’s challenging economic times, but maintaining your COR makes good business sense in any business climate. That got us wondering what you could do to reduce your COR audit costs.

We surveyed our auditors to find out their top tips – here’s what they recommended: 

Being organized will save time and money

Auditors were unanimous on one piece of advice: “prepare, prepare, prepare”! When an auditor arrives and has easy access to the documents they need, and the people they need to interview, it makes the process simpler and smoother for everyone – and can save as much as a day of the auditor’s time.

Here are some of the organizational tips from our auditors

  1. Meet with your auditor in advance so that you have a clear idea of all the information and documents they need, and which personnel they will need to interview
  2. Review the audit questions and have the answers ready
  3. Prepare the documents your auditor has asked for, so that they’re ready in advance
  4. Ensure that all the appropriate personnel are present and available while the auditor is on-site
  5. Have a person readily available to find additional materials, or people, for the auditor
  6. Where documentation is primarily stored electronically, set up a dedicated computer with the listing of the databases where certain information is stored

Before you start to prepare for your COR audit, check out the resources and tools on our COR protocol page, and take a look at our library of informational videos.

For more on how Enform is helping to make it easier for you to obtain or maintain your COR, check out ‘Safety in today’s oil climate: 3 ways Enform can help’.