This week we’re going to explore our relationship with WCB, and look at how we collaborate to support safety culture in Canada’s upstream oil and gas industry.

We spoke with Joy Piehl, of WorksafeBC to get her perspective on how they work with Enform to make sure workers get home safely every day. As the BC arm of the Workers’ Compensation Board, WorksafeBC sets and enforces occupational health and safety standards and provides health coverage and compensation to those affected by workplace illness or injury.

WorksafeBC also provides funding to Enform for the provision of health and safety information, resources and training.

Joy explained that the relationship between Enform and Worksafe BC is based on three areas of focus :

1. Compliance

“While Worksafe BC works with individual industry associations in the formation of policy and regulations,” Joy said, “we rely on Enform to communicate health and safety information and provide easy access to resources so that companies understand the regulations.”

This is achieved in several ways:

2. Training

As a direct link between industry members and regulators, Enform provides relevant and crucial safety training programs. These are designed to help companies comply with, and exceed the mandate of those regulations. That is a vital step in ensuring that everyone gets home safely at the end of the day.

3. Initiatives

Finally, “we support Enform in taking on initiatives that enhance and strengthen safety,” said Joy. “In order to develop effective programs and resources, Enform often brings in industry representatives to form committees and working groups. We’re usually a part of those committees, to give the BC perspective, and to ensure alignment.”

Reaching out with the safety message

“Enform does a great job of being the outreach in terms of engaging and providing information broadly to the whole oil and gas sector,” said Joy, “so we do certainly value the relationship.”

Of course WorksafeBC is only one of the partners with whom Enform works in this capacity. We enjoy similar relationships with the WCB in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

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