Monthly Archives: November 2015

Workplace noise – how much is too much?

This is a guest post by The CSA Group.

Workers in many occupational sectors – including oil and gas, mining, construction and others – often perform their jobs while exposed to high levels of occupational noise. It’s an accepted part of everyday work life, but is also recognized as an occupational hazard.

What’s not always clear is at what level it becomes a problem, or how many different issues it presents.

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Make safety discussion an event, and help prevent injuries

In any industry, some of the safest organizations are those with a good safety culture. Why? Because safety culture goes beyond the rules, systems and safeguards you have in place to enforce safety protocols. Continue reading

New program to help you manage the hazards of silica dust

Silica is the second most common mineral on earth. It’s a basic component of soil, sand and many rocks; things we’re all exposed to, safely, every day.

So it’s hard to imagine that the dust from this common mineral, can be a deadly hazard. Continue reading