Monthly Archives: March 2015

Personal vs. process safety (part 1): why safety starts with the individual

In this two-part series we’re going to look at the difference – and the connection – between personal safety and process safety. We’ll start by finding out what is meant by personal safety.

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Why now is a good time for safety training

What happens to safety training during an economic downturn, when oil companies are cutting operations and costs?

We spoke with Cameron MacGillivray, Enform’s president and CEO, to find out if there is any tendency for companies to cut training under these market conditions. Continue reading

Safety in today’s oil climate: 3 ways Enform can help

The drop in oil prices has affected all of us, and if you’ve been forced to temporarily cut back on your operations as a result, you’re in good company.

We know this can make it difficult if you need to complete your COR certification or maintenance audit, but we have some options to help you through the process:

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