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VIDEO: A look back at oil and gas safety in 2014

We sat down with our president and CEO, Cameron MacGillivray, and Paula Campkin, our VP, industry development and chief safety officer, and asked them to recap 2014 and offer their thoughts on what’s ahead for Enform, and safety in the oil and gas industry, in 2015.

Here’s what they had to say:

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Safety matters (part 1): fighting fatigue to save lives

This is part one in our “Safety matters” series, where we’ll be discussing a number of key safety issues in Canada’s oil and gas industry.

You wouldn’t show up to work drunk, nor would you want your employees stopping at the bar on their way in. But did you know that working when you’re tired has much the same effect? Yes, fatigue can significantly compromise judgement and reaction times. That’s right, long shifts, late nights or poor sleep habits can leave you and your workers in no fit state to work anywhere. And when machinery or equipment is involved, that puts everyone at risk.

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Get to know our CEO: Cameron MacGillivray

Cameron McGillivray, Enform CEOJust over two years ago, Cameron MacGillivray joined us here at Enform as our CEO. In this blog post we’re going to get to know something about the man behind the title.

Cameron came to Enform after an oil and gas career spanning over 30 years. “I was looking for a new challenge when Enform was looking for a leader with oil and gas experience, and I was delighted to come on board.”

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Why oil and gas is really the safety industry

In the oil and gas industry we talk a lot about the importance of ‘getting everyone home safely at the end of the day’, but what does that really mean?

Safety as a priority

Sure, it starts with legislation, training, industry best practices and certification, which is all designed to help keep people safe. But, in the end, it boils down to the fact that we all have families and we live in communities where our friends and neighbours work in the industry.

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