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Dedicated to the Continuous Improvement of Safety

In collaboration with our partner associations, we play a unique role as the industry's safety hub. We promote health and safety practices through safety management planning and provide innovative training, certifications, services and resources needed to get the job done safely.

In 2014, we set an all-time training record with over 341,000 certificates issued.


Our technology and safety training courses are continually evolving to ensure that we’re responding to technological advances in the upstream oil and gas industry and providing you with the skills needed to get the job done safely.

In consultation with industry associations, government and subject matter experts with real world personal experience, we have developed a wide range of innovative, world-class training courses to address industry needs and challenges.


Energy Safety Canada’s H2S Alive® is the worldwide industry standard for hydrogen sulphide safety training

Training is offered at Energy Safety Canada locations as well as through hundreds of external training providers

We offer hands-on training environments, classroom training and eLearning courses

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Helping you improve safety performance with easily accessible safety practices and tools.

We provide a forum for collaboration between companies, industry associations, government representatives and other stakeholders to develop safety best practices, set priorities and achieve shared safety goals. These resources are easily accessible to you through publications, web tools, videos and online resources – giving you the knowledge you need to improve safety performance.

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Certificate of Recognition (COR) Program

On average, disabling injury and lost time claim rates fall by 40% within two years of receiving a COR.

~ Source: WCB Alberta.

A Certificate of Recognition (COR) is awarded to employers who implement and maintain a health and safety management system that meets established provincial standards. Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia have their own set of COR standards. Enform is the only certifying partner in Canada that provides COR protocols that are cross-jurisdictional, so you’ll only need to submit one audit to us – even if you operate in multiple provinces.

The COR program provides an ongoing process for companies to identify and assess workplace hazards, and then systematically control risks to protect their workers.

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Petroleum Safety Conference

Our annual Petroleum Safety Conference brings together delegates, sponsors, exhibitors and volunteers to discuss issues and trends in health and safety and serves as a forum for professional and supplier networking.

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