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Introducing Enform's New President & CEO

November 13, 2012

As Enform's new President & CEO, Cameron MacGillivray is taking on a new challenge in an oil and gas career that spans over 30 years. First up is the learning curve of a new organization, but the vision is clear - steering Enform to a higher profile and more integral role in supporting safety in the industry.

"I like to focus on results," says MacGillivray. "Even though Enform is a non-profit organization, we are running a business and that means defining clear objectives and priorities, having the right yardsticks to measure our performance and continually improving."

Last year Enform delivered training and issued 220,000 certificates to oil and gas workers across the three western provinces, a huge undertaking, but only a small part of its activities. MacGillivray admits that many in the industry know little about Enform, and changing that is high on the priority list.

"The industry is our customer and Enform has a wealth of resources that can be used to its advantage," he says, adding there are new avenues to explore in working with Enform's partner associations and individual companies.

Much of his career has involved change management, along with just about everything else the industry has to offer. With a Masters in Engineering and an MBA from the University of Calgary, he spent 20+ years with EnCana culminating in Senior Vice President, followed by President and CEO of Endev Energy Inc.

In making the move to Enform, MacGillivray says a he can feel excited about a job that reflects his value stream. He recalls one point in his career with responsibility for four field offices and hearing news of injuries, "that stays with you."

On the immediate agenda is a thorough evaluation of systems and processes and crystallizing how Enform can best meet industry's needs. But those management activities come down to one basic fundamental; making sure people are going home safe at night

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