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Drilling and Completions Committee (DACC)

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The Drilling and Completions Committee (DACC) is responsible for the development of technical Industry Recommended Practices (IRPs) for the upstream oil and gas industry. IRPs apply to drilling, completions and servicing of wells. DACC's primary focus is the development of IRPs to address safety, environmental performance, cost efficiencies, technical optimization and productivity.

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Patrick J Delaney (Chair)
Vice President, Health and Safety
Petroleum Services Association of Canada
Russell Nibogie (CAODC)
Manager, Operations
Scott Darling (CAODC)
Performance Energy Services 

Marty Muir (CAPP)

Completion Specialist, D&C Technology and Performance Group

Husky Energy

Tristan Goodman (EPAC)
Explorers and Producers Association of Canada

Jim Delsing (CAPP)

WEO Chief Engineer,

ConocoPhillips Canada

Grant Stevens (PSAC)
Grant Production Testing
John Taskinen (PSAC)
Snubco Pressure Control
Lorne Barsness (Associate)
Senior Petroleum Inspector
Manitoba Innovation, Energy, and Mines

Gary Ericson (Associate)
District Manager
Saskatchewan - Ministry of Economy, Petroleum Development

Fazal Hussain (Associate)
Sr Workplace Safety Engineer
Alberta Labour

Abul Kabir  (Associate)
Drilling Engineer/ Project Manager
National Energy Board
William Butler (Associate)
Lead, Regulatory Monitoring & Evaluation - Industry Operations
Alberta Energy Regulator
John Nurkowski (Associate)
Drilling and Completions Engineer
British Columbia Oil & Gas Commission

Doug Pasco (Associate)
Manager, Industry and Labour Services


Energy Safety Canada serves as the secretariat for the Drilling and Completions Committee. In that capacity, Energy Safety Canada provides administrative support to the ongoing work of DACC and its technical subcommittees. Energy Safety Canada also publishes and hosts the DACC IRP library.

Secretary / Energy Safety Canada Point of Contact


In This Section

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