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Course Committee

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Every Enform course starts with a professional team of industry experts, program developers and instructors. These talented people are responsible for turning important information into a valuable learning experience for Enform's students.

Committee Formation

To ensure all our courses are by industry, for industry, all Enform franchise safety courses are initiated by a written request from one or more of the six industry trade associations (CAGC, CAODC, CAPP, CEPA, PSAC and SEPAC).

These initiatives are then steered by a committee composed of representatives, selected by the sponsoring associations(s). In addition, the participation of pertinent government or regulatory agencies is often requested by the industry.

An Enform representative serves as a non-voting secretary to the committee. Each committee, and Enform, has an established mandate, structure and responsibilities, as outlined below.

Committee Mandate

Enform provides safety training for the Canadian upstream oil and gas industry. In that regard, the certification committee is mandated with recommending, to the Enform Board of Directors, a minimum standard for the training. The program must reflect current and emerging technologies, and industry sector-specific needs. Enform implements the training standard established by the committee, within the context of its ongoing strategic and operational plans.

Committee Structure

Each course committee is a standing committee composed of key industry and government stakeholders. Member organizations designate representative(s) to participate on the committee. Representatives represent their respective member organization views as a whole, rather than their company or personal views.


The committee is responsible for:

  • Identifying the training needs, considering current and emerging technologies, as well as the specific needs of the industry sector requesting the course
  • Establishing the aim, goals and learning objectives which address the needs identified

Enform, using the objectives and standards established by the committee, is responsible for:

      • Developing the instructional design, course materials and examination
      • Establishing standards for, developing and implementing student evaluation and certification
      • Establishing standards and implementing instructor pre-requisites and certification criteria
      • Establishing standards and developing instructor training and auditing processes
      • Establishing and administering penalties for instructor infractions and adjucating appeals and serious offences
      • Providing instructor support and quality assurance
      • Sub-committees may be formed to deal with course revisions, program standards or other issues, as deemed necessary by the committee.

Get involved!

All Enform courses are by industry, for industry, so we encourage industry experts to get involved. If you are interested in joining a course committee, please call Enform at 1.800.667.5557 or email info [at] enform [dot] ca. We'll put you in touch with the respective committee.

Alternatively, you can contact your industry association directly.

In This Section

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